28. Games User Research (feat. Steve Bromley, author and games user researcher) by NN/g UX Podcast

To kick off Season 2, we’re releasing a special edition episode, inspired by a tweet posted by @AllisonGrayce in Feb 2021, where she asks followers, “what’s a #ux hill you regularly die on?” Host Therese Fessenden asks both NN/g team members and members of the UXC and UXMC community what issues, topics, and principles they fiercely stand by, and shares their answers.

Guests and submissions featured in the episode (in order):

Chris Callaghan (UXMC) – UX and Optimisation Director (Manchester, UK)
Twitter: @CallaghanDesign

Kara Pernice – Sr. VP at Nielsen Norman Group
Bio: nngroup.com/people/kara-pernice 

Mary Formanek (UXMC) – Senior User Experience + Product Lead Engineer (Arizona, US)
Mary’s Article: “Label Your Icons: No, we can’t read your mind. Please label your icons.”
Tiktok: @UXwithMary

Ben Shih – UX Consultant and Product Designer (Stockholm, Sweden)
Portfolio: benshih.design

Rachel Krause – UX Specialist at Nielsen Norman Group
Bio: nngroup.com/people/rachel-krause/ 

Anna Kaley – UX Specialist at Nielsen Norman Group
Bio: nngroup.com/people/anna-kaley

You can find also information about the upcoming UX Vision and Strategy Series with Anna Kaley and Sarah Gibbons here. 

Read the full article here

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