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Fireart Studio, an award-winning UX/UI design & product development company, has released its next product design case. This is a baggage repair service platform design case for Dolfi, a company that specializes in repairing baggage. The project activities also cover airline claims, warranty repairs, and personal cases.

Dolf iApp

Dolfi is a company whose deal is to operate from 5 European repair hubs. Their managers and support specialists, as well as craftsmen, help each and every client individually by using their unique resources like door-to-door services, time-proven repair techniques, etc., to solve the users’ baggage issues.

“Our task was to develop a complex seamless service for 3 groups of users.” — admits the project team.

As a result, the services for the following three groups of users were developed: Dolfi’s customers who wanted to claim their damaged baggage, accessors who received their claims and needed to elaborate them, and airlines who wanted to manage and control all the processes.

User Flow fragments

The whole digital product development process was long and included various stages of research and development. Several groups of User Personals were created during the study: The Customer side, the Assessors team, and the Airlines. Detailed User Flows based on Personas were deliberately developed to find and eliminate all the roadblocks to simplify the claiming process as much as possible.

Among the other product design artifacts, Wireframes were developed to showcase the user interface design and functionality.

Dolfi wireframe illustration

As a result, the team developed a user-friendly chat-based interface, allowing users to claim damaged luggage in a few clicks and receive monetary compensation or a new suitcase in less than 2 minutes. Now users can achieve their goals without any complicated bureaucratic procedures and endless waiting on the airline phone call lines.

Fireart Studio keeps its position as a leading UX/UI design studio with a proven reputation both in Poland and expert overseas. After dealing with unusual and challenging design issues for more than ten years, the team can successfully demonstrate its top-notch software design services in any niche. They help to produce exquisite and highly functional designs for corporate companies, small businesses, and individuals who open doors for the digital world.

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Fireart Studio has already managed to cater to both the giants like Google, Atlassian, Huawei, or Swisscom and the most promising startups or business newborns. The possibilities are endless, with more than 80 highly qualified IT specialists on board and years of company experience. Do not hesitate to get in touch each time you need expert design solutions for good.

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