Here are some tools to try to increase your productivity

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I am Hari a Freelance UI-UX designer, and I am here to help my comrades by sharing what I know.

Ok, not going to make you bore guys here are the “Here are some tools to try to increase your productivity”.

  1. Runway

Runway, a platform that offers everything you need to make anything you want with AI.

Runway has 30+ AI Magic Tools that can generate and edit content with text, images, or video clips.

You can also use Runway’s professional online video editing software to create stunning videos with effects, audio, motion tracking and more.

Try runway!

2. UXPin Merge


It’s a technology that lets you import and sync coded React.js components from GIT repositories, Storybook or npm packages to the UXPin Editor.

You can use the same components for design and development and create high-fidelity prototypes that are 100% consistent with the final product.

It also speeds up the design handoff and helps you bridge the gap between design and code.

It sounds like a powerful solution for better product development process.

Try uxpinmearge!

3. ARC Browser

arc browser

Arc, a new web browser from The Browser Company that aims to be the web’s operating system and lets you remix and customize the web.

Arc is currently invite-only and available for macOS, but you can sign up with your email to get early access.

Arc has some unique features, such as spaces, which let you organize your tabs and bookmarks into different contexts; magic tools, which let you manipulate the web with gestures and commands; and themes, which let you change the look and feel of your browser.

Arc also has a special version for students, which offers more perks and swag for academic users.

Try arc browser!

4. Coglode


Coglode, a website that offers bite-size behavioral research papers, case studies, and tools to help you understand and solve problems.

Coglode also has a Cookbook, which is a unique compendium of the latest behavioral insights, distilled, applied and combined to strengthen your ideas.

You can also get access to Coglode’s Behavioral Design System for Figma, which lets you annotate your designs with evidence-backed behavioral science concepts.

Coglode is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn and apply behavioral science in their work or life.

Try coglode!

5. OKLCH color picker


OKLCH Color Picker & Converter, a tool that lets you encode colors in a new way that is more perceptually accurate and intuitive than RGB or HSL.

OKLCH stands for Optimized Kubelka-Munk Lightness Chroma Hue, and it is based on the LCH color space that models how humans perceive colors.

OKLCH also has a 3D model that lets you visualize the color space and manipulate the color parameters with drag, scroll, and right-click.

OKLCH is made by Andrey Sitnik and Roman Shamin from Evil Martians, who also have a blog post explaining why OKLCH is better than other color spaces.

Try oklch!

Hope you like it…!!

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ZAK – Creative Agency – Branding & Visual Identity – Vancouver on Land-book

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The importance of behavioral science in designing products

The importance of behavioral science in designing products

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