Upgrade Your Figma Skills with These Top AI Plugins | by Sergushkin.com | May, 2023

Must-Have AI Figma Plugins

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I am looking for useful AI-based plugins for Figma that give you great results. This list will come in handy for you.

I’ve compiled the Top AI Figma plugins based on these criteria:

  • Ability to solve application problems,
  • The ability to produce Product Ready results,
  • Ease of use.

Below I will briefly describe each of them and provide references.

The plugin uses the GPT3.5 model for fast and efficient layout creation. There are currently 8 UI components: Top bar, Image tabs, Bullet list, Product/review showcase, Square/rectangle image banner, Text input, Selection, and Full-width button. There are enough of them to create fabulous layouts for projects.

Link: Wireframe Designer

Want to edit and add text with AI with minimal effort?

FigGPT works great in Figma and Figjam, making adding text to your designs straightforward.

Implemented for convenience:

  • Two modes: Edit and Compose. All you have to do is select a text layer or several and press the button.
  • Frame selection option: All nested text layers will be processed when you choose a frame.
  • Control of writing style and word count.

Link: FigGPT

With Majestic, you can create stunning icons and graphics directly in Figma. This plugin uses an AI-powered text-to-image algorithm and ready-made icon sets. With them, you can bring your designs to life, making them unique and attractive.

Link: Majestic

A tool that easily converts text to image directly in Figma and FigJam. It uses the OpenAI DALL-E 2 algorithm. With DALL-E Bro, you can choose from the generated images that best fit your request and idea of a suitable image.

Link: DALL-E Bro

Are you tired of spending hours creating the perfect text? GPT Mate has three modes to solve the problem: create unique text content, rewrite text and custom to make custom prompts to OpenAI GPT in your language. The plugin allows you to use ChatGPT in your designs.

Link: GPT Mate

Need to pick up a colour palette? GPT Stylist uses AI-powered queries to create stunning colour combinations for designs.

Link: GPT Stylist

The plugin offers not just one AI-powered tool but a whole suite.

You can create everything from vector icons to text with Magic Icon, Copies and Images.

Link: Magician

Want to create design ideas directly from text, shapes and images? Ando makes it easy to draw any object with the pen tool. Draw something with it, select a form and run the plugin. Select the features you want and click the “Generate” button. The result will take a little time.

Link: Ando

A powerful plugin that detects selected text and shape layers (e.g. rectangles, ellipses, vectors, frames, etc.), detects their dimensions and replaces them with rectangles. This is a great time-saver when working with complex designs.

Link: Ghost

Save the publication and share in the comments the AI plugins you use for Figma.

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