Case study : Designing a event organizer app for event organizing

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This is a case study we did for our learning of UX. The project is creating the UI UX Course at Design Boat UI/UX School, Bangalore in spring 2023.

It’s increasing day-by-day and it is becoming challenging to maintain all contents together.

Our analysis of last 10 year from 2010 to 2022. Its continuously increases but in 2020, due to corona ,the event market went down because of government restrictions. Now in 2022 the progress again increases rapidly as the people has switch to the online portals.

A large number of people today depend on event organizer for organizing their events. The reasons are multiple. Some of them being, a busy lifestyle, lack of time ,lot of stress and they are not manage event properly.

Planning take lot of time

We researched and find some biggest challenges to face while planning an event.

Pain Point 1:


Some challenges are- finding venue ,finding caterers, how to manage budget , how to manage everything and booking dates. Sometimes some people want destination wedding but they don’t have knowledge of a particular place or venue.

Pain Point 2 :

We saw some apps, they organized one or two types of events like wedding and birthday.

Wedding wire and wed me good app

Wedding wire and Wed me good app organize only wedding

Event Planner

Event Planner app organize birthday party and wedding.

Pro Party Planner

Pro party planner app organize all type of event but this app is only available on IOS .

Less reviews and ratings.

Free trail is not available, charges are applied for the use of app.

The objective

The objective was to provide a platform that eases the problem of having finding venue, finding caterers and manage everything with lot of stress.

In our research we find these type of pain points .

We organize every type of event like birthday ,wedding, anniversary , farewell, get together party and more. You can easily login/ signup and select your event ,select your vendor and date and book venue ,caterers ,photographers and etc.

Our aim for designing the event app is –

The aim is one stop solution for your dream event planning needs. You can easily select your event ,choose your vendor ,manage your budget and enjoy your event.

“ Be a guest at your own event”

The overall idea is to provide an integrated one stop solution which provides you , you can easily find everything at one place like — all things related to your event -venue, caterers, photographers, decorator and other things .And you can create guest list and E-invitation cards and send to your guest.

We researched and analyzed a few competitors who were in the event organizer business.

Competitive Analysis

With research, there were multiple apps across the internet catering to worldwide audiences. For our research, we considered applications that provide event-related services. We tried to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each platform.

We have two direct competitors-

  1. E-party Adda
  2. Pro Party Planner

And three indirect competitors-

  1. Wed me good
  2. Wedding wire
  3. Event planner

Find some problems in these apps –

People not share invitation cards.

Work list not share with family members and don’t have any notification reminder option.

Users Ratings and Reviews

Don’t have any refund and cancellation policy.

Quantitative research:

We conducted an online survey where close to 55 people answered our questions.

Here are some findings about the survey:


In our research we find some difficult procedure in organizing an event — Budget handling, time management, finding venue, finding vendor and finding caterers.

Qualitative research:

We made a list of questions which would help us understand the needs, wants and challenges which the potential users would face.

Users challenges- Finding venue , finding caterers ,budget problem and how to manage everything .

User need/want- All the things are available at one place. Time saving, under budget, stress free ,easy to manage & decision making , easy to choose (vendor and venue) and easily enjoy the party.

Users want some features in the app-

Well organized ,easy to use , provide a backup option , add review & refund policy option, reminder notification, customize package option- (entertainment option should be included in customize package), add on facility ( means add more 50 people with this package and 100 people with this package ), invitation share option and cancellation option.


With the help of the research we did, I drew some sketches to flesh out one user scenario.


These are just three of them, but there could be multiple challenges and scenario based on their busy life , management problem etc.

Based on all these findings we created three personas, first is senior designer and he want to plan a surprise party for his wife, second is concert promoter and she need an app where she can arrange everything easily ,and third is team manager and she want to plan product launch party for her team and office staff.

Empathy map

How Might We ?

We listed some ‘How Might We’ questions and came up with some features that would help the user with this journey.

. Promote our app on social media and through paid ads on other apps.

. We provide chat bot available 24/7, customer support helpline, and personalization options.

. We have some amazing offers for users.

. We make it easier for users to plan destination events like -proper arrangement as per users need and receive booking confirmation from vendor.

. You can easily communicate with the planner via chat, call, email and 24/7 customer service.

. We add task push notification option, previous customer rating and review option, and location tracker option.

. Smooth payment process like — Google pay , Phone pay, Paytm, Credit/Debit card and Net banking .

. We make our app more engaging- you can read interesting articles/blogs , asking user for feedback ,rating ,reminder option and we provide suggestion option.

. We make app simple , easy to use, well organized and some guidelines for users.

. We have a backup plan option incase of last minute change.

. We create cancellation policy and refund policy.

We made the user flow to understand each and every step the user will take from the entry to the final interaction.

user flow

As a team we also also did an exercise of card sorting to organize the information collected into logical groups.

Information architecture (IA) is the science of organizing and structuring the content of an App.

This helped us in organizing the content of our App so that the users could easily adjust to the functionality of the product and could find everything they need without much effort.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

This was a very exciting phase as I would finally be putting all my research into use and the App would start taking shape.

Splash screen and walkthrough screens
Log in and Sign up screens
Subscription screens

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