A Taxonomy for Product Feedback

The purpose of the theme is to organise feedback into useful categories that can aid analysis. A piece of feedback can fall into multiple themes, but most feedback should have at least one theme. Some examples of themes are:


Definition: Someone identifies friction with a particular workflow — the feature exists, but its use is perceived to be onerous or too time consuming. Something isn’t intuitive, difficult to find, too complex.

Examples of usability feedback:

  • “A better preview for reports and not to have to start again after the preview if an alteration is required”
  • “I wish it was easier to log in on my phone”


Definition: Relating specifically to app speed or load times.

Examples of performance feedback:

  • “It takes forever to load!”
  • “Generating a report is really slow!”

Feature request

Definition: Requests for something that is missing entirely from the product, either as a component of a larger feature or a feature itself.


  • “Show rental/lease data on the dashboard”
  • “I want to see my properties on a map view”


Definition: Feedback that mentions capabilities of competing products.


  • “Acme CRM has a great newsletter email template that is very easy to use to create pretty newsletter blasts”


Definition: Positive or negative feedback about customer service or operations (account management, onboards/upgrades, billing, help content, etc)


  • “I’d like a call centre for customer support”
  • “Make SMS credits cheaper”

Customer love ❤️

Definition: Positive vibes.


  • “I think that you are perfect xx”
  • “It’s the centre point of our team!”
  • “I love the support team!”

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