Changing The Way We Listen To Product Feedback — The Outcome

In addition, a Slack bot was created to help streamline churn updates and to capture controlled churn reasons as product feedback.

Customer care members can trigger the Churn Bot in Slack to fetch data from the churned account in Hubspot, which will post an update in Slack and then log the controlled churn feedback in our feedback database.

Objective 2: Evaluate the success of projects by measuring satisfaction and collecting targeted feedback

Rex CRM uses targeted feedback surveys to measure success of a feature post-launch as well as gather feedback during the design process.

An example success measurement is the Leads Improvement Project surveys. This collected an ease of use score before, during, and after the Leads improvements were released. The ease of use score increase from 3.2 to 4.2, showing the changes were working — but there was still room to improve.

Information gathering surveys are also used often during the design process. For example, the Leads surveys also included questions allowing users to rate the importance of certain actions when processing their leads, which helped to prioritise these improvements.

Another example is sending out in-app surveys showing a Figma prototype of potential Reporting Dashboard improvements to users who are engaging with the existing dashboard. This meant we were targeting relevant users, and resulted in the UK dashboard improvements becoming validated asynchronously.

A Figma prototype with an embedded survey was sent to users that engaged with the existing dashboard

Spoke has used feedback surveys to gauge satisfaction of different user segments, measure the success of the branding update, and assess prototypes during design.

The product-market fit surveys were sent to both using agents and non-using agents. These collected a general satisfaction score from both parties along with their most valued features. This revealed that non-using agents were far less satisfied, and were often unaware of the value provided. These results led to projects to help increase engagement of this segment.

52% of non-using agents would not be disappointed if they could no longer use Spoke — compared to 13% of using agents.

Results of a brand perception survey

Measures of Success

The measures of success for this milestone were:

  • Product teams are continuously measuring the overall customer experience (objective 1) with an average response rate of at least 12% for in-app surveys and 2.5% for email surveys
  • Product teams measure customer satisfaction of a specific feature in-app (objective 2) at least five times with a response rate of at least 15% (measured over a three month period)

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