How UX designers use LEGO for team building? | by Ray Tang | May, 2023

Activity 1: Build a tower

First we have been given the exact same set of LEGO, and were asked to build a tower in 5 mins.

Of course each of us build something rather different despite having the same set of materials, which metaphorically demonstrates how each of us could contribute to the project in different ways with our diverging views.

Activity 2: What does success in life means to you?

Using the same set of LEGO, each of us start building our vision as to what success in life looks like to us.

This helps us to get to know each other a bit more in terms of personality, life goals and our general priorities.

Activity 3: What does success of this project looks like?

(Forgot to take a picture!)

Following the previous activity, we build another model showcasing what success of this project would looks like to each of us. It’s interesting to see how some of us focus on reaching to the goal, whereas others would find the process matters more.

Activity 4: Combine our LEGO!

Each of us take out what we think is the most important part of our model and assemble it together as one.

On the left, the 5 different colored LEGO represents the 5 of us, the wheel at the top is our thinking process, with the string representing the whole design process. The transparent blue block stands for the sea of imagination, on the right it’s a train platform as our client is in the rail technology industry!

Activity 5: Develop Guiding Principles

Surrounding the model, you could see some post-it notes, those are the guiding principles we developed as a group to showcase what each of us need in order to succeed in this project. It’s very useful as it present each of our priorities very clearly, and we definitely try to keep following these principles as much as we could!

p.s we had a meeting after this LEGO section, and it only lasted for 20 mins, very efficient indeed hahhaaha

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