MAOWOO Cat Food Packaging & Identity ?? ???????????

Maowoo® firmly believes that every cat has its unique personality and needs. Therefore, Maowoo® combines “lifestyle aesthetics” with “scientific cat care” and strives to create safe, scientific, and loving cat products through continuous innovation and research and development. The aim is to better integrate cat food and supplies into modern urban and beautiful homes.

We designed a unique brand image for Maowoo®, transforming the Chinese characters “??” into the face of a cat, with a mouth and whiskers. This design establishes a direct and strong association between the Maowoo® brand name and its target audience, while making the brand lively and interesting. This visual image, coupled with bright and vibrant colors, is very much in line with its youthful brand positioning.

Breaking with convention, traditional cat canned food is packaged in ordinary rectangular boxes. We designed an interesting handle outside of this packaging, which brings to mind the packaging of b

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RD Art Gallery :UX Case Study on a Art Gallery App.

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