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The 2023 Unisys Analyst and Advisor Event provided a platform to showcase the company’s commitment to innovation and forward-thinking approach, exemplified by its new branding image in the IT services sector released last year. The company’s digital workplace strategy emerged as one of the key themes attracting our attention. To learn valuable insights from our analysts who attended the leadership presentations, read on.

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Digital workplace artificial intelligence (including Generative Artificial Intelligence), cybersecurity, multi-cloud, and quantum computing were among the most prominent industry trends grabbing attention at the Unisys Analyst and Advisor Event, June 13-14 in New York.

Unisys presented a comprehensive update on the performance and prospects of its four business units: Cloud, Applications & Infrastructure Solutions (CA&I), Digital Workplace Solutions (DWS), Enterprise Computing Solutions (ECS), and Business Process Solutions (BPS).

Peter Altabef, Unisys CEO, set the stage with a fireside conversation preceding the event that focused on the ever-present concerns of cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities. Discussions over the two days covered important topics such as Unisys’ merger and acquisition (M&A) cloud solutions investment approach, its ClearPath Forward strategy for ECS, and increasing its presence in Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance.

Here are six takeaways of the main points we heard from Unisys leadership at the event:

  1. Reinforcing a commitment to innovation

Themed “Imagination to Realization,” the event provided an opportunity for the Unisys leadership team to emphasize its new brand proposition focused on creating an internal culture dedicated to providing “experience breakthroughs” for clients.

Given Unisys’ legacy-heavy business history, the rebranding aims to update the company’s image and make it more relevant to modern consumers’ requirements. The initiative emphasizes innovation and new technology solutions, increasing brand awareness and customer engagement.

  1. Focus on next-generation technologiesAligning with high-growth markets of next-generation technologies, specifically GAI, was a hot discussion topic dominating both formal and informal conversations. Unisys emphasized its goal of increasing next-generation revenue to 45 percent by 2026.

With its potential to disrupt and revolutionize the industry, the chatter surrounding GAI has even surpassed the buzz surrounding AI/Machine Learning (ML) solutions over the past few years. GAI’s immense promise vastly transcends any data privacy and governance concerns.

We envision GAI playing a larger role in such areas as summarizing incidents and findings, generating clear and concise reports and presentations, and augmenting human analyst capabilities by adapting responsibilities to the organization’s landscape and enhancing the analyst experience.

  1. Expansion in the US mid-market segment

Unisys is proactively diversifying its growth strategy by targeting mid-market US corporations, especially those between $2 billion and $5 billion, while also pursuing major deals. This segment holds promise since most mid-market clients feel overlooked or are forced to pay higher prices for less personalized services. By expanding their focus, companies can gain a first-mover advantage and capture a sizeable market share in this segment.

Large US IT service providers’ approach to the mid-market should provide simpler access to IT function heads and leadership teams, Experience Level Agreements (XLAs), and Requests for Proposals (RFPs). This presents Unisys with an opportunity to forge stronger client relationships that can be leveraged to support the enterprise’s digital transformation initiatives.

  1. Dedication to the digital workplace

We were most intrigued by the DWS update. Unisys continues to be a player with a dedicated focus and investment mindset on DWS, focusing on applying ML/AI to support capabilities across the workplace.

To address market opportunities across DWS, the company also is prototyping GAI use cases. Traditionally a strong desk-side support organization, Unisys is now pivoting its workplace portfolio around the acquisition of Unify Square and Mobienergy, providing balance and a future-ready portfolio.

With all the talk about XLA 2.0, Unisys shared that it designed an Experience Governance Board (XGB) in collaboration with a client to manage the evolution of XLAs. This demonstrates Unisys’s commitment to advancing beyond traditional XLAs. As XLAs reach their peak, the Board focuses on new XLAs and business needs to tackle more pressing concerns and find resolutions.

  1. Emphasis on organizational change management

The digital workplace landscape evolution has profoundly impacted Human Resources (HR) functions. HR now plays an expanded role in change management, with AI and automation boosting productivity by facilitating administrative and training processes. Service providers increasingly focus on organizational change management to cultivate a cohesive digital workplace environment.

Realizing that end-user acceptance of digital adoption is the most crucial step, Unisys leadership is actively working to institute change management in every transaction and not just the transition phase.

Unisys has implemented a targeted organizational change management program for customers that assesses users’ digital dexterity. This approach allows the company to determine the adoption level and utilization of digital workplace services among different user personas. By understanding workplace adoption patterns, Unisys can optimize digital workplace investments.

This exhaustive strategy guarantees successful technology implementation, positive user experiences, and measurable business outcomes.

  1. Partnering with clients

Unisys demonstrated its ability to foster client relationships by sharing compelling client success stories. The company’s prowess in fostering innovation and delivering tangible value is evident by its long-standing relationships with its top 50 clients, with an average collaboration of 20 years.

In one notable partnership with Elekta, Unisys effectively employed its digital transformation proficiency to enable the precision radiation therapy solution provider to enhance the end-user experience.

Unisys delivered its Intelligent Workplace Services, ensuring comprehensive 24/7 support of employees and partners across various communication channels, contributing to high-quality radiation treatment availability for cancer patients worldwide.

Unisys also highlighted its partnership with Dell Technologies. Working together, the companies efficiently and reliably resolve customers’ technological issues by delivering end-to-end solutions created for even the most demanding IT settings.

Both of these achievements exemplified Unisys’ ability to deliver measurable business outcomes and its commitment to innovation driven by technology solutions.

Udit Singh and Ronak Doshi represented Everest Group at the event. Reach out to this team with questions about digital workplace artificial intelligence and IT services markets.

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