GadgetyNews Presents Marshall Studio JTM Range in Honor of Jim’s Centenary


Studio JTM – The Amp That Started it All Returns

The Marshall JTM is making a comeback in a more compact and lightweight package. This tribute is to celebrate what would have been Jim Marshall’s 100th birthday and pay homage to the first Marshall amp.

Inspired by the original JTM from 1962, the new Studio JTM offers modern players the same legendary warm and smooth tone that has inspired generations of musicians.

The Studio JTM range includes a 20W head, 20W combo amp, 1 x 12″ and 2 x 12″ cabs, all featuring period-correct aesthetics like the famous red enamel poured “coffin” logo and luxurious fawn fret.

The original JTM45 was greatly praised by Gary Moore, Richie Blackmore, and Angus Young for its enhanced tone, gain, and grit. The Studio JTM carries on this legacy by recreating the JTM sound in meticulous detail. It is also handcrafted in Marshall’s renowned UK factory in Milton Keynes.

Terry Marshall, Jim Marshall’s son and the creator of the original JTM45, expressed his excitement for the Studio JTM, saying, “When I was demonstrated the Studio JTM, it took me back to my original JTM45; it was my sound…I feel like it is going to be something special.”

The Studio JTM combines modern convenience with classic sound. It features the same components that defined the iconic JTM tone, including ECC83 preamp valves, 5881 power amp valves, ECC83 phase splitter, and G12M-65 Creamback Celestion speakers, resulting in a unique blend of warm, growling, and versatile sound.

Marshall’s new design offers a smaller footprint and lighter weight compared to its historical counterpart, without sacrificing sound quality. This makes it easier to transport and provides more options for busy musicians. The Studio JTM also features built-in power reduction technology, allowing players to switch between 20W and 5W settings.

Additionally, the Studio JTM includes an FX Loop and DI out, enabling players to add effects and external recording to personalize their playing experience even further.

The Marshall Studio JTM range is now available, with prices starting at £1,075 for the ST20H 20W head, £1,279 for the ST20C 20W combo, £565 for the ST112 1×12″ cabinet, and £765 for the ST212 2×12″ cab. For more information, visit Marshall Amps.


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