Persistent Systems’ SASVA: AI Software Engineering Platform

Persistent Systems, a leader in Digital Engineering and Enterprise Modernization, has unveiled SASVA, an innovative AI platform poised to transform software engineering practices. Leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) and Machine Learning (ML), SASVA promises accelerated software releases, improved efficiency, and enhanced quality, marking a significant milestone in the digital landscape.

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Persistent Systems Introduces SASVA: AI-Powered Software Engineering Platform

Addressing Software Engineering Challenges

Traditional software engineering methods often entail time-consuming manual tasks, leading to technical debt and challenges in ensuring efficiency and scalability throughout the software development life cycle. Despite advancements in AI-powered platforms, managing complex projects with interdependencies among applications remains a hurdle.

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The Innovative Approach of SASVA

SASVA sets itself apart by constructing a comprehensive knowledge base from vast datasets, including code repositories and documents. Utilizing hybrid language models, SASVA ensures efficient utilization and continual secure training on customer data from various platforms, enhancing privacy, security, and regulatory compliance.

Persistent Systems

Impressive Results and Client Benefits

In initial engagements, SASVA has demonstrated remarkable results, reducing release times by 25% to 35% while enhancing quality and minimizing technical debt. Clients across industries stand to benefit from increased productivity, cost efficiency, and improved quality across different software phases.

Industry Recognition and Future Prospects

Industry experts and analysts have acknowledged the strategic significance of SASVA in addressing software engineering complexities and accelerating innovation. With its AI-driven approach, SASVA aligns with market trends, positioning Persistent Systems as a pioneer in operationalizing platform-led strategies for maximum gains across the software life cycle value chain.

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Our Say

Persistent Systems’ launch of SASVA represents a significant leap forward in the realm of digital engineering. By harnessing AI and ML technologies, SASVA offers a promising solution to longstanding challenges in software development. It paves the way for enhanced productivity, efficiency, and innovation in the field. As organizations navigate the evolving digital landscape, platforms like SASVA promise to unlock new possibilities and drive sustainable growth.

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